Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I realized that I feel better when I do some sort
of exercise. My joints do not hurt as much. I'm 
sure it is also beneficial for my brain and health. 

I have too much pain and soreness when I try the fancy stuff.I had to recuperate for days after I tried Zumba, Drumming, and Qi Gong. The Bene Fitness, my exercise bike, and walking were OK for my body. 

All people young or old, should always consult with their doctor before they go on an exercise program. You must discuss what type of exercises you are planning also.  This may have an impact on your health if you have a chronic illness.  We had a Fitness Room at my job and the ambulance had to 
be called  a few times when people of all ages did 
over did it in the Fitness Room.

Some of you senior ladies may still be fit enough
to do high impact exercises.That’s wonderful!The fitness information I will be discussing below will 
be for low impact activities.The senior center I go
to has a high tech fitness room (most of the work
out equipment has electronic monitors on them).
They offer classes in  Zumba,  Yoga,  Drumming,
Bene Fitness, Qi Gong, Easy Movement, and Line Dancing.

I have given Links below to web sites with helpful information about health and fitness and all types 
of low impact exercises.  Have Fun!!



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