Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I never gave a thought about necklaces or
chokers when I was younger. My image in
my mirror showed me that the neck aged
long with my face. Now that I am getting 
older, I pay more attention to my features
and body image. I have started  watching
more fashion TV since I have retired.Most
of the content on Fashion TV seems cater
to young women.  I don't "hate" because 
I know some companies concentrate on 
marketing to the young because a lot of
them spend lots of money and want to be
 I developed this blog so that I can focus
on fashion and personal issues for Senior
Women. A lot of the women that I know 
are 40 plus. They said they do not like
the way their neck area looks. They are 
wanting to wear cover-ups.The cover ups
consist of scarves, dickies, turtleneck tops, 
necklaces, and chokers.  

I wore lots of turtleneck sweaters and tops
until I went through menopause.  I would 
break out in a sweat when I even looked at
one. The hot flashes are gone now but just 
touching a turtleneck tops brings flashbacks!

I prefer chokers for my cover-up.They make 
very good craft projects.They can be bought 
for reasonable  prices at department stores 
and online too.

I am featuring all types of chokers. They will
range from vintage styles to instructions for
making your own (DIY).



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