I never thought I would be like the 
women in that hair loss commercial. 
They cry, " I want my hair back!" I 
didn't have compassion for them
until I had my own issues. 

The first hair loss was in the back
at the nape of my neck. This was
caused by a negligent beautician 
who left perm solution on too long.
Of course, she did the cover up hair
styles and didn't mention it to me.
I discovered the hair loss when I 
was using a mirror to fix the back
of my hair. I was horrified!  I was
almost ready to make a scene in 
her beauty salon.  I didn't show
my behind in her shop. I just told 
her I had already found another 
stylist when she called me. She
must have missed my biweekly 
payment of$45. She called to 
see if I forgot to call her to make
an appointment. 

I was able to grow my hair back with Jason's hair tonic from Whole Foods 
Store. I stopped getting my hair get 
over processed from perms. I began
to wear natural hair styles. I switched
to sulfate-free shampoo too.

My hair was doing fine until I noticed widening of the part in the center of 
my head. I thought it might  be due 
to my wearing kinky twist hair styles.
I was puzzled because I did not have

tight kinky twist. My hair was growing
a lot. Suddenly,I had developed severe
dry skin and dry scalp. My doctor told
me some of my scalp issues were due 
to a thyroid condition. She said aging
could also cause part widening, hair thinning, and a shiny scalp.

I tried to fight being depressed about 
this. I got on the phone and called a 
few girlfriends.It turned out that they
had a reason for wearing all of those 
wigs. I thought they were just following
the latest trend! Two of them had some form of Alopecia. Another friend just developed thinning hair in the top.Her
hair would not grow back. She tried a
lot of prescription and over the counter
hair products. None of them worked at
all!  My friends said they cried a little; 
then got over their hair loss. Their pep 
talk helped me a lot. I went on YouTube
and learned how select stylish wigs.

Well, wigs are OK in the fall and winter. They were not OK for me in the summer.  They were too hot!  I wore pretty head bands and scarfs in the summer.  I got
bored with this but did not know what
else to do!

Thank the Lord! I was on the Internet at the right time!  I saw an article from
an online fashion magazine.  They had 
done a review on hair fibers products.
I recalled seeing an ad for this type of 
stuff years ago.  I thought the product
must have been a scam!  This was a very good article. They tested hair building
fiber products ranging in price from
$4.00- $100! They discovered that the price not always a good indicator of the quality of these products.  A $4 product
did almost as good as a $50 product. It 
was suggested that you try products in 
your budget range. You should try out different ones to see what works for you.
Some of the hair fiber companies offered samples to try. I decided to order a sample first. I have tried two hair fiber products so far:

I paid small shipping and handing fee to Cabooki and received my sample in four days. Please don't pay extra for express  shipping since 4 day standard shipping is good.I ordered black but they had several hair colors including grey.  Ladies with hair
loss & thinning try these products!  One will work for you!  I was pleased with the
hair coverage of Cabooki. But I had trouble getting the powder in the right area. The container looks like a mini salt shaker. I spilled powder and made a mess.  I did carefully collected the spillage and used 
it. I got better using the product and they have a video to help you.  There is also pictures on the instructions that came 
with the package. The instructions tell
you to  seal the powder with hairspray.
I happened to have a can of waterproof
"extra firm hold"  hair spray. It worked 
very well.

  I bought the High Beam Hair Thickener Spray from my local beauty supply store
and it cost $4.99. It worked pretty well
It was a spray and I had no trouble using
it. It did good hair coverage. I also had 
to seal the product with hair spray. 

I use curling pudding on my natural hair.
I have a short hair cut and I use the shingling method to curl my hair. I let 
the curling gel dry completely then add 
the hair fiber spray or powder in the needed areas.  I check my coverage in 
the mirror. I apply hair spray then let it 
dry. I apply the fiber at night and cover
my hair with a silk scarf. This gives the product time to dry. I wake up the next morning, remove the scarf.I suggest you place a towel or old scarf  on the back of your chair. Some of the product may rub 
off if you sit down before it dries. Both  hair fiber products lasted all week.I did
not have to do any touch ups. Both hair
fiber products washed out easily when
I shampooed my hair.

Now my hair looks good!  I'm ready to meet the world with confidence. These products
were an answer to my prayer!


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