Sunday, April 30, 2017


I couldn't seem to find any clothes
that helped me stay cool when I went through menopause. That period of my
life is over now-Thank God! I still hunt 
for COOL and comfortable clothing to wear during the summer.

My mother and I used to argue about which clothing was cooler in the summer. She like dresses and skirts. I liked sheer blouses and Capri's.  Now that I am a hot
senior citizen, I agree with her. Dresses and skirts do seem cooler. I do not want

to hear mom say, " I told you so."

I browsed in several department stores
in the early spring. I had trouble finding
my style of summer dresses. I also
searched online and didn't find a wide
selection to choose from either. My main problem was finding dresses that were long enough and had short sleeves. 
I avoid sleeveless, above knee dresses
with plunging necklines. I felt like was
I was on a scavenger hunt! Was I looking
for a diamond in the rough?!

Here are some dresses on my wish list:

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