Monday, March 14, 2016


My family may say that I'm addicted 
to nail polish. I change my nail color 
every week. Late Saturday night is 
my usual time for my manicure. I put
on music and I begin my search through my bucket of nail polish. My mood sets 
the tone for my nail color selection. It takes a little while to make my selection.
I have about 20 bottles of nail polish
in there! I have my primary colors and pastel colors mixed together. I'll sort 
them out one of these days!!

My must haves are clear acrylic nail hardener and gold and silver glitter
polish in and silver. I use these for 
my top coat.  They make inexpensive
nail polish last longer!
Here are some nail designs that I plan 
to use during Easter and springtime. 
They are simple but very stylish:





Saturday, March 5, 2016


I view young ladies on YouTube 
talking about the "Big Chop."
Some ladies did it because of hair
damage due to or color bleaching.
Other ladies did it because they
were very frustrated with the high 
maintenance required for long hair. 

I stopped the perms because I could 
not withstand the repeated damage 
that they were doing to my hair. 
I had enough of the camouflage hair
dos from my stylist to cover up the 
damage from over processing. I had 
to do my own hair one week-end 
because my stylist was out of town.

Imagine my horror when I saw all of 
the hair breakage and hair thinning 
she didn't tell me about. A lot of the damage was in the back of my head.

I got the "Big Chop" so I could do my 
own intensive hair repair regimen. 
I visited a Whole Foods Market and 
talked to a  lady in the Whole Body department. She suggested I use J.A.S.O.N. hair products to repair
my hair damage. 
Here is image of the hair elixir that worked miracles on my hair. It even
filled in the thin areas:

I am a senior woman now. I decided
to keep the "Big Chop" natural hair 
do because it was convenient and 

easy to care for. My girlfriends decided 
to do the "Big Chop" because they no longer had the patience for hair rolling, perm treatments, hair coloring, or hair salon visits. The wash and go method
used on short natural hair was very appealing to us. 

Grey hair can be unruly and turn yellow
when it's not cared for properly. Dingy
grey hair is a definite "faux pas". The  shampoo you use is crucial in having
shiny healthy grey hair. 

Here is some of the shampoos I use:

There are also products available that
can make coarse grey hair soft and curly.  

Here are some curl defining products that
have good reviews: