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I feel that a lot of today's fashions fit right in with the fashion statement that senior women want to make.  


I don't want to wear baggy "Mom Jeans" and   I don't want my jeans to be so tight they show everything
my mama gave me!  

I always try on my jeans and I don't focus 
on brand names.  The size, fit and cut varies
from one brand to another.  I am petite so I 
want relaxed or classic fit straight leg jeans.
I make sure that the bottom of my jeans come
to the top of my shoe.  I don't want to look short
and dumpy. I worked with a lady who wore some
expensive clothes.  Her pants never looked good because they were too short! I seem to be to tall 
for some petite pants but to short for regular cut pants. I look for petite pants with the  length of
the pant leg reaching  to 5 feet and 4 inches. I 
have to try on at least 3 pairs in order to get the
right fit.  The sizing is  different from one brand
to the other.  It has been so cold this …


I used to say I never forget a face. I would be lying 
if I said that now! My friends and I laugh at some 
of the things we forget.  We wonder if we can still walk and chew gum.  Senior jokes used to be funny
when we were young but not any more. My friends and I have pledged to do things to keep our memory
sharp.  I have always loved doing puzzles and word games.  I make sure that the games I do now help
boost memory and improve my cognitive and logical thinking.

I do online memory card games. I play memory/match games for kids. It is easy
and has low stress level. I am not upset
when I  forget where the cards were placed. 
I try to remember that this is not a contest, 
it's a brain exercise. I keep playing it until 
my score improves. This game is good for
improving my short term memory.  AARP 
has very good brain games too. I hope you
enjoy playing these games as much as I do.
I make sure I play one of these games daily.
The brain must be exercised daily, especially
when you are a senior. 



I was in the 5th grade in the 60's.  I  had a
"nutty professor"  for a teacher.  He was high 
strung and couldn't stand stress. He threw the chalkboard erasers at us when we misbehaved.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's a small 
world?"  I had an abscessed tooth and had to 
seek treatment from a dentist.I disliked going 
to the dentist because of my  pain tolerance.
My friend referred me to her dentist.  I noticed 
that the dentist had a family photo of him with
two guys.  He said that they were his brothers.
I thought I recognized one of the men. He said 
that one brothers was named Clyde and he used 
to teach. I told him where I grew up. I mentioned
that I had a 5th grade teacher named Clyde. We couldn't believe it!  He said, "What a small world!!"  
I asked him if Clyde was still teaching. He looked 
sad and replied, " No, he is dead!" I told him that
I was sorry to hear that. My shot was about to kick
in when he said that Clyde had commi…


I was born  in 1951 and and I can remember some things which happened after age three.  My parents
were amazed when I hold them what I remembered.  We lived with my grandparents until I turned age 5.
I remember my babysitter rocking me in out huge white rocking chair. Some wasps had built a nest in
our lovely chair.  My babysitter was rocking me while mom went grocery shopping. All that rocking made the wasps start to swarm.  There were a whole bunch around us. My baby sitter was so frightened that he
dropped me in the process of running away.  The babysitter was my cousin and he was in big trouble.
My mom arrived home early and she witnessed  the fiasco.   I only got one sting but he got five.  I was
crying and so was Gerald.  My mom had to patch both of us up.

I recalled that my granddad raised a few chickens.  My  brother was told to leave those chickens alone
He continued mess with them when granddad went inside the house.  A few moments later my brother
was running in circles around our h…


The good Lord  blessed every woman with beautiful feature(s). The fashion conscience senior lady must know what her best feature(s)  is and keep it dressed up! She  knows what her skin tone is and whether she is warm or cool. A lady that knows what lipstick and make up shade works best for her skin tone has won the cosmetic battle. The method to find out what your skin tone is can get complicated. A lot of women may be both warm and cool no matter what race they are. There are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you
determine whether you are warm or cool. I would go to a professional make up artist if I really wanted to know whether I was warm or cool. 

I'm too old fashioned to go through the skin 
tone maze.  I rub a little make up or lipstick 
on the back of my hand.  If it looks good I 
buy it. The rule of thumb on some fashion
sites is shades pink for fair to medium skin 
and  shades of red for olive to dark skin.

I like to blend my lipstick shades so they 
will compliment the color …


This  story begins with my heartbreak over
hair loss due to age and hypothyroidism. It 
was suttle at first. My center part became a
wider and my scalp was dryer than usual. 
I would have done something sooner if my
hairdresser had been honest with me. I was
her regular $60 per month customer and 
she did not want me to stop. I did confront
her about this later and told her I would not 
be back.  She could have given me some 
scalp treatment and kept me as a customer. 
Her dishonesty cost her.  

I have never been a vain person but I want to 
look nice from head to toe. I prayed over my
situation and was able to accept my hair loss.
I stopped the pity party and looked for options.
I went to my local health & wellness store.  A 
sweet young lady told me about hair solution 
hair products. I got the one that said it helps
make thin hair thicker. I have allergies and it 
had a ton of herbs in it.  I mixed it with a little
olive oil to avoid having an reaction to a herb.
It worked!  My hair had thickened ba…