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I like to hunt for nice clothes to wear during 
for Christmas seasons during the fall. I start
looking for Christmas themed t-shirts, vests, 
tunics, and jeans for my weekly casual attire. 
It is not hard to find skirts, tops and dresses
to wearto Christmas parties on sale at most of
the department stores. I have also found gently
used designer clothing at local Thrift stores.
I stick to reds, greens, and white colors.Most 
of the clothes with Santa, reindeer, and other 
Christmas themes are just too casual for me 
to wear to a party.

Here are Holiday tops & tunics :


I used to go to a hair stylist a few years ago. 
I did enjoy sitting in a chair and letting some
one else pamper me. The joy faded when walk
in clients delayed my getting home at a decent 
time.Then I began to have allergic reactions to
the products my stylist was using. I eventually
had enough of these ordeals and stopped going.
The other problem was,I had pain in each of my
shoulders due to bursitis and an old injury from
an auto accident.Some days I was able to wash 
my hair in the shower and other days, "not so 

Eureka! The answer was to buy a wig to wear 
on those day that my shoulders were flared up.
I did remember that plenty of the stylists at the 
beauty salon even wore wigs on "bad hair days".  These ladies looked good and it was not obvious
that they were wearing wigs. I learned that some women also wore wigs when they needed to treat 
hair and scalp issues. The needed to take a break from curling irons,flat irons,perms,hair extensions, and braiding.

There are pros…