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My friends might say I'm obsessed with
fingernail polish.I have always played with
non- traditional colors and designs. In the
seventies, I could only find primary colors.
I would mix colors together to create new
shades. Simple colors were boring to me.

I used glitter nail polish for my top coat
because it added pizazz to boring nails.
I also discovered that glitter nail polish
helped my  nail color last longer without
chipping. My rubber gloves prevented
my nail polish from  chipping after
I washed  my dishes.

I finally gave up on fancy nail designs
because my designs never looked great.
Polka dots and colorful glitter nails were
the only designs I could do well.

I recently spotted a young lady with three
colors on her fingernails. I thought this
was a great idea with unlimited potential.
I began to mix and match fall colors on
my fingernails. I pledged to wear at least
different three fall colors until after
the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are my fall nail …



It's almost allergy season again. I used 
to suffer from minor sniffles and stuffiness when I was a young mother. Now I have developed most of the textbook allergy symptoms during the spring and fall seasons. 

I have over the counter pills and capsules for  those rough days of itchy eyes, irritated nose, and sinus pressure.
I find strong allergy nasal sprays and nasal rinse pots disgusting. But I have friends  who swear by them.  I say, "To each is his own! "

I enjoy using Home Remedies and Naturopathic remedies also. I prefer 

them if I am able to start this treatment before my symptoms excerbate. They
work well and I  don't have any side effects from them. I will buy a sterile
saline solution from a dollar store
for convenience sometimes.

Here are my "go to" treatments for minor allergy and sinus symptoms:

Saline Nasal Spray for sinus pressure:

This a cheap and convenient remedy. 

My 90 y.o neighbor only uses saline for 
all of her sinus and allergy problem…


I became age 65 in 2016. I did not know reaching age 65 would make me so important to insurance companies.
My mailbox became flooded with letters, brochures, MEDICARE booklets from every health insurance company known
to man or woman.  I even had a couple 
of fast talking insurance agents show up at my door. They claim that they wanted
to explain MEDICARE BENEFITS to me.
Of course, I didn't let them in my house. 
I told them to leave because I didn't
transact any business with door-to- door!  

It's 2017 and apparently I'll be bothered by MEDICARE AGENTS this year too.  I had to get rid of an agent yesterday.

I suddenly recalled my mom calling often to complain about getting numerous calls from MEDICARE AGENTS. They were trying to get her to sign up with them.

I told her to hang up immediately!! A few
even knocked on her door. She knew better than to let them inside.

I learned a few do's and dont's from listening to Seniors at the Senior Center
that I go to every week:



Beware of websites offering freebies and 
samples. Especially if you have to pay for
shipping and handling. I fell for this trick
and ordered a new skin care sample. I got the 2 oz sample and wasn't impressed. The company started mailing me 2 oz  products every month for the skin, wrinkles  and eyes. I didn't authorize
any of this. I was puzzled  because the  shipping  label didn't have company name on it. I decided to review my checking account. There was two charges for $89! My bank suggested I cancel my debit card to prevent further charges. I refused to pay shipping and handling to return these products. A lesson learned for these $89,  2 oz bottles of junk. The Internet had several Seniors complaining of  lots of unauthorized charges for this skin care product.

I also stopped ordering samples because some companies wanted too much personal information. Your birth date and phone number can be used by hackers. My email started being cluttered with
SPAM (unsolicited emails).…


I remembered the song, "It's A Hard 
Knock Life" from the Broadway play 
Annie recently. I got a "hard knock" 
as a result of being lazy. I did not monitor my checking account regularly. This task is boring and a nuisance.

Even if your bank has staff trained in fraud detection, bad things can happen beyond their control. Fact is, no one can keep up with my "frequent shopping miles" better than me.




My bank called me on a Sunday morning because they noticed $2 charges from Florida! A hacker was testing my account to see if my bank would allow his small dollar transactions to go through. The bank clerk said the hackers began to transmit large dollar amounts if the small ones go through. I assured him I was not Florida. He immediately cancelled my debit card to avoid further hacking.

I often partake in Value Menus at my 

local fast food restaurants.  So, my checking accou…



I believe in sharing information.
Especially information that will 
help fellow senior ladies stay as
savvy as possible.  We senior 
ladies also need to be savvy
about computer scams and hacking. 
I am not computer tech savvy. But,
I have been the victim of computer scamming and hacking. So, I have 
learned a few lessons that will help 
me avoid being a victim in future.


There are  criminal minds who love
to phish ( pronounced fish). They
send me fake email addresses and

spams messages. They really need personal information about you from 
your computer. Their ultimate goal is 
to steal money. I never open e-mails
I receive in my spam in box. I just delete all of them every day. 


I've seen and heard too many horror stories about seniors being scammed

on the phone. I don't talk to strangers 
or telemarketers on my phone. I hang
up the phone immediately. Some are scammers who are fast talking wolves. There are also robocall scams now…


I think I have come to terms with aging now. I exhaled and learned to deal with it.  I had a long talk with my older girlfriends and realized I was not alone. I went into my prayer closet, had a pity party, and came out a better woman.  Aging does 
not mean I'm not intelligent and have no value in this world.  Some young people have needed my wisdom and advice. 
I cherish each birthday and changed my priorities. I realize happiness is a loving relationships with the Lord, my family, 
and my friends. Some of you senior
ladies might feel like saying, "I feel you!"
I've had some of the same issues". Should I believe, the saying, "You are as young as you feel?"

I have found some coping mechanisms.

I meet with girl friends often and we have
a laugh-in. We discuss all of the senior
moments we've had during the week. 

I have visited a few websites for senior women and they discuss aging gracefully.
Some of their advice on aging was good.

Please visit this blog for m…



There are so many things my friends didn't tell me about getting old!! There
is an echo in my mind. My mom said, 
"You laugh at me now, but you'll get
old one day!" Of course, I thought she

was just old and wrong! Well, I've had 
to apologize to my elders!

I laughed when she said, "Turn that music down!"She wasn't satisfied until the music was so low, I doubt my dog  hear it! Now, I abhor all loud music! It seems that average music volume is piercing and irritating.  I even have to cut my own music down in the car sometimes. I admitted to mom that now I understand about the music. 

I used to laugh at my aunt  who had
cotton in her ears on cold and windy 
days. I would tell her, "Please take that cotton out of your ears!"I thought she
was acting "county hick".  I apologized
to her because now I see why she used the cotton.I found out the hard way about cold or windy weather.  I got a terrible …