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I think I have come to terms with aging now. I exhaled and learned to deal with it.  I had a long talk with my older girlfriends and realized I was not alone. I went into my prayer closet, had a pity party, and came out a better woman.  Aging does 
not mean I'm not intelligent and have no value in this world.  Some young people have needed my wisdom and advice. 
I cherish each birthday and changed my priorities. I realize happiness is a loving relationships with the Lord, my family, 
and my friends. Some of you senior
ladies might feel like saying, "I feel you!"
I've had some of the same issues". Should I believe, the saying, "You are as young as you feel?"

I have found some coping mechanisms.

I meet with girl friends often and we have
a laugh-in. We discuss all of the senior
moments we've had during the week. 

I have visited a few websites for senior women and they discuss aging gracefully.
Some of their advice on aging was good.

Please visit this blog for m…



There are so many things my friends didn't tell me about getting old!! There
is an echo in my mind. My mom said, 
"You laugh at me now, but you'll get
old one day!" Of course, I thought she

was just old and wrong! Well, I've had 
to apologize to my elders!

I laughed when she said, "Turn that music down!"She wasn't satisfied until the music was so low, I doubt my dog  hear it! Now, I abhor all loud music! It seems that average music volume is piercing and irritating.  I even have to cut my own music down in the car sometimes. I admitted to mom that now I understand about the music. 

I used to laugh at my aunt  who had
cotton in her ears on cold and windy 
days. I would tell her, "Please take that cotton out of your ears!"I thought she
was acting "county hick".  I apologized
to her because now I see why she used the cotton.I found out the hard way about cold or windy weather.  I got a terrible …