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I want to be fashionable in my old age. 

However, there are some styles of 

clothing that I'll leave for young ladies.

I have always avoided trendy clothes 

because they may only be fashionable for 

one season. 
I avoided capri pants until I realized that 

they were here to stay. They reminded me 

of the pedal pushers I wore when I was in 

high school.

I love capri pants and I wear them daily 

during the summer because they keep me 

cool on hot days. 
I love the trend of tunic styled women's 

tops. They are suitable for women any 

I don't care whether they stay fashionable
or not. I intend to wear them like they are a classic style.   Some of the tunics I see in the department stores remind me of the Nehru jackets I wore in high school.

1960s Nehru jacket pattern for women

I've noticed a lot of cut out women's tops lately. Some of them 



I have joined the society of people with 

allergies. I know when spring and

fall allergy season is about to arrive.

My symptoms began before the official 

spring and fall dates given by the T.V. 


I started experiencing itchy eyes and

nose, sneezing, sinus congestion 

last week. I have to be careful because

I get "pink eye" from too much 

exposure to pollen.
We had 2 weeks of unseasonal warmth

and the flowering trees in my town started

blooming. My Japanese magnolia tree is 

full of purplish pink blooms.
The Crepe Myrtle Trees along the

highways look pretty now. The weather

in the Carolinas is fickle. we may have 

bitter cold temps and frost next week.
I have an arsenal of herbs and meds
to combat my symptoms.

I use herbal pills for the sinus congestion.