I retired from banking industry 6 years ago. I have enjoy having time to rummage in thrift stores. I also have time to visit dollar and discount stores during the week when most people are at work.  Some of the discount stores have closeout

products and clothes they obtained from  expensive department stores.  The brand  name tags have been cut or they have a  black mark on them.  Those fantastic  bargains are out there waiting for me.  I hope the information I shared below 

is helpful for bargain hunters.

I have been using a fantastic antiseptic oil for the skin for the last 5 years. This

oil is called melaleuca or tea tree

oil. I use it when I get insect bites and 

acne.  I have also seen it added to 

shampoo and toothpaste. Pure tea tree

oil is strong and a little bit goes a 

long way. I used to 





I am retired but my son still works. 
He loves to cook and sometimes 
he'll  treat me to one of his meals. 
I usually get to enjoy one of his
meals once a week.  

He loves creating new recipes. 
He knows that I am a chocolate
lover. I don't mind being his taste
taster; especially, with chocolate. 
My local grocery store had dark 
chocolate brownie mix on a closeout
sale for 65 cents. I bought all that was 
left on the shelf. This was a once
in a lifetime bargain! He asked could
he experiment with one of the 
boxes of brownies. Of course,  this chocolate consumer said,  "Sure!"

Here is his chocolate creation:



3 packs graham crackers, crushed
1 stick butter, melted

In large bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs with butter. 
Press evenly in 9x12 baking dish. Set aside.


Prepare family size dark brownie mix according to directions on the box.
Spoon brownie batter over graham crust. Carefully spread it evenly with a spatula.


Sprinkle …



I'll admit that I had to stop being in denial.  My memory was not what it used to be.  Since I retired, I was no longer stressing out over bank accounts and meeting loss mitigation loans deadlines. I was glad I was out of this stressful environment. 
The problem now is, staying mentally stimulated to ward off severe short-term 
memory loss.  

Some age-related memory loss is normal. 
I found this out when my friends and I had a discussion about silly mistakes
we have made since we retired. 

Now I know why my mother balks
at people moving her things around. 
I understand why looking at old TV
shows is no longer boring. Seeking
the familiar is comforting.

I had to establish a routine and make
rules for myself to avoid making tragic mistakes. I want to be independent
and live alone for several years. I want
my grown children to continue to respect me and let me handle my own business!!

Here are some of the methods I use to maintain my sanity and keep good financial records:




I have always loved polished fingernails.  One of my ways of winding down is  doing my nails every Saturday night.  used to pay money to have my nails done at hair salons. I got tired of loosing  glued on nails and getting fill-ins. My nails grew fast and getting weekly  fill-ins were not an option. I finally  wised up and started having the nail  tech paint nails in primary colors.  These colors of nail polish were easy  to find at discount stores. I was able  to buy the nail polish and do my own fill-ins.

I would get lots of compliments when I did my own nails. Therefore, I started doing my own manicures and paintingmy own nails. 
I have a large basket which holds about 20 bottles of pretty nail polish. I love  to use nail glitter as my top coat. I prefer to use acrylic nail polish.  If my nails get too soft from dish 



I'll admit that retirement is a 

lifestyle adjustment. These 

adjustments can be positive 

or negative. People who are

workaholics may find retirement 

boring if theydon't find ways to

keep busy. My retirement has been joyful because I am no longer 

experiencing the stress of my mortgage

banking job.  I smile each morning 

because I arise at 8 am instead of

5:30 a.m. I can do my chores at my 

own pace and not meet deadlines.

Vegetable gardening has been my

passion since I retired. There was 

a lot of trial and error in the beginning. 

I am a better gardener since I took free 

community gardening classes. Classes were offered for spring and

fall gardening. These classes were taught 

by Master Gardeners. One thing they 

pointed out was that the weather can
affect the success of your garden.