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My friends might say I'm obsessed with
fingernail polish.I have always played with
non- traditional colors and designs. In the
seventies, I could only find primary colors.
I would mix colors together to create new
shades. Simple colors were boring to me.

I used glitter nail polish for my top coat
because it added pizazz to boring nails.
I also discovered that glitter nail polish
helped my  nail color last longer without
chipping. My rubber gloves prevented
my nail polish from  chipping after
I washed  my dishes.

I finally gave up on fancy nail designs
because my designs never looked great.
Polka dots and colorful glitter nails were
the only designs I could do well.

I recently spotted a young lady with three
colors on her fingernails. I thought this
was a great idea with unlimited potential.
I began to mix and match fall colors on
my fingernails. I pledged to wear at least
different three fall colors until after
the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are my fall nail …