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It's almost allergy season again. I used 
to suffer from minor sniffles and stuffiness when I was a young mother. Now I have developed most of the textbook allergy symptoms during the spring and fall seasons. 

I have over the counter pills and capsules for  those rough days of itchy eyes, irritated nose, and sinus pressure.
I find strong allergy nasal sprays and nasal rinse pots disgusting. But I have friends  who swear by them.  I say, "To each is his own! "

I enjoy using Home Remedies and Naturopathic remedies also. I prefer 

them if I am able to start this treatment before my symptoms excerbate. They
work well and I  don't have any side effects from them. I will buy a sterile
saline solution from a dollar store
for convenience sometimes.

Here are my "go to" treatments for minor allergy and sinus symptoms:

Saline Nasal Spray for sinus pressure:

This a cheap and convenient remedy. 

My 90 y.o neighbor only uses saline for 
all of her sinus and allergy problem…


I became age 65 in 2016. I did not know reaching age 65 would make me so important to insurance companies.
My mailbox became flooded with letters, brochures, MEDICARE booklets from every health insurance company known
to man or woman.  I even had a couple 
of fast talking insurance agents show up at my door. They claim that they wanted
to explain MEDICARE BENEFITS to me.
Of course, I didn't let them in my house. 
I told them to leave because I didn't
transact any business with door-to- door!  

It's 2017 and apparently I'll be bothered by MEDICARE AGENTS this year too.  I had to get rid of an agent yesterday.

I suddenly recalled my mom calling often to complain about getting numerous calls from MEDICARE AGENTS. They were trying to get her to sign up with them.

I told her to hang up immediately!! A few
even knocked on her door. She knew better than to let them inside.

I learned a few do's and dont's from listening to Seniors at the Senior Center
that I go to every week: