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I never thought I would be like the 
women in that hair loss commercial. 
They cry, " I want my hair back!" I 
didn't have compassion for them
until I had my own issues. 

The first hair loss was in the back
at the nape of my neck. This was
caused by a negligent beautician 
who left perm solution on too long.
Of course, she did the cover up hair
styles and didn't mention it to me.
I discovered the hair loss when I 
was using a mirror to fix the back
of my hair. I was horrified!  I was
almost ready to make a scene in 
her beauty salon.  I didn't show
my behind in her shop. I just told 
her I had already found another 
stylist when she called me. She
must have missed my biweekly 
payment of$45. She called to 
see if I forgot to call her to make
an appointment. 

I was able to grow my hair back with Jason's hair tonic from Whole Foods 
Store. I stopped getting my hair get 
over processed from perms. I began
to wear natural hair styles. I switched
to sulfate-free shampoo t…