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I discovered years ago that wearing sheer fabric provided comfort during the summer.  One summer the trend was wearing a sheer print dress with a
matching sleeveless dress as a liner. 
I really loved this style because the dresses had pretty print designs. My
week-end shopping trip was successful.
I bought two dresses in leopard print 
and navy floral print.  Unfortunately the liner dress frayed after several washings.  I recycled my sheer dresses. I used the print dresses as a house dresses after
the trend went bye-bye.

The next summer, I decided to look for sheer blouses and tops for the summer. 

I already had plenty of tube tops to wear underneath. I was disappointed in the
sheer blouses available in the department stores. I only found a few of them in solid colors which were too fancy for casual attire.

Believe it or not, I found a variety casual
blouses and tops at thrift stores. They were available in pretty colorful print patterns.  Every year, I am able to add

to my collection of sheer …