Friday, January 22, 2016


I go to a Senior Center once a week to 
play Bingo.  I've made a few friends since 
I've been going there. Most of the seniors there no longer drive. The city offers transportation for them.  They must schedule a pick date and pay a small 
fee for their transportation. 

A lot of the ladies told me they stopped driving due to visual problems. I must 
admit I couldn't pass my driver's test a 
few years ago.  My old glasses did not 
help me see the small print.
I plan to get an eye exam before my
driver's license expire again.  I'm on 
the computer for long periods of time
daily. So, I doubt that my vision has improved!

I have a hard time choosing a nice pair 
of glasses. I don't want trendy glasses 
young people wear. But, I do not want 
granny glasses either!  First, I'll do my homework. I saw a TV show that said 
that the classic black rimmed glasses 
are trendy now.

I am studying charts which show the 
glasses you need for the shape of your 

Here are some charts like looked at:

I have a oval shaped face, so according
to this chart, I need rectangular frames.
Some other charts also suggested round,
butterfly, and aviator frames.

Here are a few glasses that I have on my wish list:

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