I love wearing nail polish and I change my nail color once a week. I set up a work station and put on some music.  I bought an old TV tray from the thrift store to use for my manicure.  I placed old towels on my work  surface. I lay down my cotton balls, polish remover, emery boards, nail clippers, and my pretty nail polish.  

I choose my nail color by the mood I am in.  I may feel "red" one week and "blue" the next. I love to
mix colors, top coats, metallic, and glitter. I have
pastel colored nail polish for the spring & summer. 
I buy dark and medium colored nail polish for the fall and winter. I have so much nail polish that I had to recycled an old plastic cake holder.

I turn it upside down and store my nail polish inside.  I had to discard the lid because it was warped. Who am I kidding! I couldn't close the container anyway.  The cake holder was full  when I added my polish remover, bag of cotton balls, cotton swabs, and my 20 bottles of nail polish.  I keep my collection of nail polish out of site. I used live in a house full of males who would not understand why I needed  so much nail polish!! My boys are grown now, but I still keep them hidden.  They might come over unannounced
and see all that nail polish.  I would still have to give an explain.   I get my nail polish from beauty supply
stores because it's cheaper there.  The cost range 
is $1 to $10.  I stick with the dollar polish because
all nail polish will chip or peel eventually.

I have simple nail tricks I do in order for my nails
to look professional.  I get compliments all of the
time. I may be the oldest senior woman in world 
with painted nails.  I stay away from some of the
nail trends that the young ladies like.  I'll leave the
multicolored florescent nail polish for them to buy. 


Please look at some of the simple but pretty nail art designs I like.  I hope you will be inspired to try out
some of the nail designs.  I will show directions on how to achieve the designs too.  Check out the nail
art on Pinterest.  They have hundreds of nail art




Create an easy heart with a heart-shaped hole punch and painters’ tape.

Use a regular old gel pen (like the kind from the office supply store) to draw

intricate designs.

Make easy polka dots with the tip of a bobby pin or tooth pick.

Super thin nail tape will let you create stripes with ease.

Use a toothpick and a cotton wad to create a super precise clean-up tool.

Use  white and pastel shades of nail polish to  create  new shades of polish. Just mix it with a darker shade.  I use lids from whip cream or margarine tubs to mix
and match my colors.  This is a economical way to save on nail polish.

Use a waxy pencil to apply rhinestones.

Use a band-aid to get tiny polka dots.

Band-Aids also create the PERFECT French manicure tip.

Use clear  polish with gold, silver, and multi-color glitter inside as a top coat.  My nail polish seems 
to  last longer when I do this.

I can't afford expensive nail polish or acrylic. I just 
put pastel color over dark color polish to create 
ombre like designs that the nail salons do.  I also 
put dark color over light color polish too.

I can't do a good job of painting my fingernail tips.
I just paint my fingernail tips my desired color, then 
put clear glitter polish  or pastel color polish on top
of the entire fingernail. This hides my imperfections.  



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