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The skirt has evolved over the years and has 
had many trendy design variations. There are
ten basic skirt styles which have not changed. 
I have discovered that being familiar with them
helps me make better choices when I purchase
a skirt. Since I have retired and I have avoided
trendy clothing. My "go to skirts" are classic and
can be worn any season. I think all senior ladies
can have class and style. I believe we can still 
have fashion and be age appropriate too. Here
are the basic skirt standards:

Schoolgirl skirt – a very short skirt style, often 
with pleats.


Mini and micro-mini – short skirts

Bubble skirt – bulges at the hem like a bubble

Straight skirt – slimline 

    Pencil skirt – slimline

Flip skirt – fitted from waist but then flares around
the hem

Sarong – a wraparound skirt tied in the front or
at the side

Wraparound Skirt-wraps around the body. Can be reversible with a button or tie

  A-line – A-shaped and can be any length


Handkerchief – tends to hang in graduated hem lengths and has a diagonal hem


Fishtail – slim waist, billows around hips, narrow at the knees, flares  like  a mermaid's tail

Peasant – billowing, wide, layered style skirt

The clothing designers have started to
create their own size ranges.Therefore, 
I try on a skirt before I buy it. This cuts
down on my returns to the store.  Most
women have a favorite designer and are
familiar with how well their clothes fit her
body type. 

Check out the following website for tips
on selecting the perfect skirts:




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