I used to go to a hair stylist a few years ago. 
I did enjoy sitting in a chair and letting some
one else pamper me. The joy faded when walk
in clients delayed my getting home at a decent 
time.Then I began to have allergic reactions to
the products my stylist was using. I eventually
had enough of these ordeals and stopped going.
The other problem was,I had pain in each of my
shoulders due to bursitis and an old injury from
an auto accident.Some days I was able to wash 
my hair in the shower and other days, "not so 

Eureka! The answer was to buy a wig to wear 
on those day that my shoulders were flared up.
I did remember that plenty of the stylists at the 
beauty salon even wore wigs on "bad hair days".  These ladies looked good and it was not obvious
that they were wearing wigs. I learned that some women also wore wigs when they needed to treat 
hair and scalp issues. The needed to take a break from curling irons,flat irons,perms,hair extensions, and braiding.

There are pros and cons that you must learn when buying wigs.  Quality wigs can be purchased from
$30-$300.  The price can be based on whether the wig is made from synthetic hair or human hair.The length of the hair and a unique hair color pattern (ombre, streaked, mixed strands, etc) can affect 
the price too.Of course, the wigs endorsed or sold 
by famous celebrities can raise the price a lot.  

Wigs can be sized in small, medium, average, or large. I make sure the wig hair is natural looking
and not too shiny.  The wig cap that the wig hair 
is sewn on is important. Some wig caps have an
honey comb design which  allows your scalp to breathe in the summer months.  I always make 
sure that my short or pixie wigs have  extended
necklines so my own hair will not show. Combs 
and adjustable straps come on some wigs.Make 
sure you do your homework about the "return 
policy" before buying a wig online.  A problem
with buying a wig at a retail store is,  the law
in most states doesn't allow returns on wigs. 
I'm glad all of the  stores make you use a wig 
cap when you try on wigs. Carry a friend with
you when you are wig shopping. You can get 
an honest opinion on whether the wig looks 
good on you or not. I try to be wise when I
must shop alone for my wigs. I check to see
what hair styles look good on my face shape 
and wheter the wig makes me look younger 
or  older. I have read that senior women look
younger when they wear short or pixie wigs. 
I hope these tips are helpful when you go to
buy your first wig.  

Here are some videos that should help you buy
when you purchase a wig:


I have always heard that older women look
betterwith short hair. I was convinced when
I was looking at a game show and a senior 
lady was among the contestants.She had a
pixie haircut that made her look like she was
in her 50's.  It was her birthday and she told
the host, "I am 75 years old today!" He said,
"No way." I was also thinking,"No way!"There
was a new lady that started coming to our 
senior center.She had thin long salt & pepper
long hair.  Two weeks later, she came in with

a very short hair cut. She cut her hair to give
to a foundation that makes wigs for women
with cancer. She looked to be at least 15 or 
20 years younger. She got compliments all 
day long.

Here are two examples from a Pinterest web
site that shows that a short haircut can make
a woman look younger:

Pretty lady with very long hair

Pretty lady with short haircut

The wigs featured below have short or pixie hair
cuts.I bought some of these wigs.The others are
some I hope to buy in the future.I buy wigs that
dark auburn or dark burgundy. I'm showing you
wigs in several hair colors so you can figure how 
these shades may look on you.




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