Tuesday, December 2, 2014


There is one color that most women look good in
-it's red! The trick is to find the right color of red 
that compliments your skin tone. I do seem to get 
compliments when I wear medium or dark red tops
and dresses. I"ll assume that fair skin looks better
with bright red. I would just pay attention to which
shade of red that gets you flattering remarks.  

The fashion trend is that you must have a little black 
dress in your closet.  I say you need a little red dress 
too. I think this is important if you are single and on
the hunt for Mr. Right!  A stunning red dress may make
him think you are interesting and vibrant. On the other hand, a tight clingy red dress with a plunging neckline
may send men the wrong message. I would not want to 
be "hit on" by the "Player of the Year!

Here are some red dresses that I am considering for
my Christmas Dinners and Parties:

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