I didn't want to acknowledge that I was 
getting older.I got offended when store
clerks said, Yes ma'am".  I realized that
age 40 was old to most young people.

I couldn't deny aging any longer when I 
fell one morning sprinting out of bed.My
friends and I had a good laugh because 
all of them had fallen out of bed too.We
shared our techniques for arising safely
out of bed each morning.  We check to
see which joints are working.I admitted

that I  hold onto the wall until my joints
loosen up. Most days my joints tell me 
when a storm is coming.  I have had a
few allergic reactions  pop up to foods 
I have been eating since childhood.This

is very annoying.I would be devastated
if I ever developed any allergy to coffee
or chocolate. I have to make my coffee 
weaker now and I can live with that!! I
can eat too much dark chocolate since
it gives me indigestion.   Hey,  I know
what to do. I'm resourceful, I only eat
a little at a time.  I can not  gobble up
the whole candy bar any more and this
probably a good thing. 

My friends warned me to stay away from 
Ginseng and Geritol if I did not want to 
have a "change of life baby". I told them
they were full of ___ but  I stopped using
them just in case they were right! 

I use green tea and Emergen-C to keep my 
energy levels up. I try to ride my low impact 
exercise bike three days per week.Emergen-
C is also good to use to ward off a cold.I try
to take it when the first sniffle happens.

The young guys I used to work with all had
night time part-time jobs. One day of them 
came to me and reported that he had to go
to the emergency room.He said that he was 
having irregular heart beat.He could feel his
heart beating very  fast against his chest.He
had been drinking cans of Red Bull.  I made 
him go to the Internet and look up all of the
ingredients of Red Bull.  I also explained to
him that he had been drinking strong coffee,
sodas, and Red Bull during the day.This was
just too much caffeine and sugar for his body
to handle for long periods of time. I gave him
a few packets of my Emergen-C to try.  I told
him that this might be a better energy booster. 
He recycled his water bottles and refilled them
with filtered water and Emergen-C packets. I 
complimented him "green" idea.





I  take ginkgo biloba to help my memory and 
Vitamin D for my bones.The ginkgo helps me
with recall.  This was a blessing since I used
to work in mortgage banking. I have a family
history of Type II Diabetes, so I take doses of chromium picolinate and cinnamon daily.These
herbs help regulate my blood sugar.  I monitor 
my starch  and  sugar intake. I did thorough
research  before  I  started taking any of 
herbs and vitamins.  I went to my doctor 
and  pharmacist  to discuss whether any
of these  herbs or vitamins  would have 
any adverse affect on my prescriptions.

I keep tea tree oil on hand at all times. It can

clear up my skin irritations in two days. It also

stops itching and inflammation from mosquito 
bites.I make sure shows that it is 100% pure
tea tree oil  because some companies blend in cheaper oils. My local drugstores carry it now.

I have also bought the tea tree in products like mouthwash, toothpaste, and shampoo

Aloe Vera has been popular for use on minor burns

and sunburn for years. I always keep an Aloe Vera Plants on hand near my kitchen.  I just break off a piece and rub it on my burn.


Cayenne pepper has capsaicin which has
reduce the sensation of pain.  Some over
the counter arthritis cream have capsaicin
in them.  I  have mild  bursitis in my right
shoulder. My Cayenne Pepper Rub does a 
good job since it eases the pain.  I prefer
to make my own rub as it is a lot cheaper. 
I buy white body lotion from a dollar store
and stir in cayenne pepper.  The website
suggested that I add cayenne pepper until
the body lotion turns pink.  I always wear
my disposable gloves when using the rub.
The cayenne pepper is hot and spicy so I
try not to get any in my eyes and  mouth.

I go for my annual physical and so far I 
do not have any severe health problems. 
I admit that I do need to exercise more.
I should start adding  a few more lower 
calorie foods to my diet.  I am a work in
progress and continue to work on  living
healthy lifestyle. 




Here are some links about uses for tea tree oil and aloe vera from Web MD:

Which House Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Did you know that plants can clean the air 
in your home?  Here is a plant list:

15 Best Plants to Clean Indoor Air:

Philodendron Scandens Oxycardium; Heartleaf Philodendron 

Philodendron Domesticum; Elephant Ear Philodendron 

Dracaena Fragrans varieties: Massangeana, Janet Craig and Warneckii 
Hedera Helix; English Ivy 
Chlorophytum Comosum; Spider Plant 
Ficus Benjamina; Weeping Fig 
Epipiremnum Aureum; Golden Pothos 
Spathiphyllum Wallisii; Mauna Loa Peace Lily 
Philodendron Bipinnatifidum; Selloum Philodendron 
Aglaonema Modestum; Chinese evergreen 
Chamaedorea Sefritzii; Bamboo or Reed Palm 
Sansevieria Trifasciata; Snake Plant or Mother In Law’s Tongue 
Dracaena Marginata; Red-edged Dracaena 
Gerbera Jamesonii; Gerbera Daisy 
Chrysanthemum Morifolium; Pot Mum


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