Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I wear wigs in the winter to give my
hair a rest from frequent styling. The
weather has warmed up. I'm ready to 

throw my wigs in the drawer! 
I decided to get a new hairdo for
the spring and summer!  I love the 
tapered afro hair cut. I have salt and pepper grey hair.  I looked on Pinterest 
and YouTube for style ideas. This is the style I asked my stylist to do: 


I love to wear hoop style earrings when

I do the "Big Chop hair cut."  The earrings 
I wear with my afro are very important.
A pretty pair of earrings really enhance
the natural hairdo. 

I realized that my face size should be 

when I buy my earrings. I have a small

face and head so I avoid huge earrings.
Over- sized jewelry tend to be too dramatic

for me. I don't want my outfit to be play

second fiddle to large gaudy earrings. 

Here are some earrings I am planning  
to buy to wear with my short Afro:



I liked these earrings. They look
nice on these women:

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