Monday, April 25, 2016


I haven't been to a pool or beach in 
quite a while. I'm considering it now 
that I have retired.  I can go to the 
beach or pool when it’s not overcrowded!

My friends and I often discuss how our bodies have changed. Most of us don’t
care for the wrinkling and sagging! I am
no fashionista. But I have done enough shopping to know that there are swim
wear made to hide the undesirable!

I am on the hunt for swimwear that is
not too revealing and is comfortable 
to wear. I am looking for nice swimsuit cover-up too.

Here are some swimsuits that I saw in stores that were stylish and appropriate 
for the mature lady:



Cheap Cover up alternative can be
ladies night/sleepshirt, long t-shirt 
or big shirt from men's department!

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