Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I'll bet you haven't  heard the slang term, "funky"in a long time. Pardon me while I  slip back into the 70's!
Gaudy costume jewelry was worn by men and women then.  Guys wore chains with their open shirts and gals wore peace sign jewelry with their bell bottoms!

Young people think clunky costume jewelry is a new trend. Some of us baby boomers know better! I could
always sell gaudy costume jewelry when I was a flea market vendor. I see online sales of this stuff is still

I consider necklaces with large beads and chains part of my daily
"go to " accessories. I have been lucky because I have found a lot 
of my funky jewelry on sale in department stores.  I scavenge the jewelry cases in thrift stores too.

Here are some images of some of my funky jewelry:

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