Monday, June 12, 2017


I think I have come to terms with aging now. I exhaled and learned to deal with it.  I had a long talk with my older girlfriends and realized I was not alone. I went into my prayer closet, had a pity party, and came out a better woman.  Aging does 
not mean I'm not intelligent and have no value in this world.  Some young people have needed my wisdom and advice. 
I cherish each birthday and changed my priorities. I realize happiness is a loving relationships with the Lord, my family, 
and my friends. Some of you senior
ladies might feel like saying, "I feel you!"
I've had some of the same issues". Should I believe, the saying, "You are as young as you feel?"

I have found some coping mechanisms.

I meet with girl friends often and we have
a laugh-in. We discuss all of the senior
moments we've had during the week. 

I have visited a few websites for senior women and they discuss aging gracefully.
Some of their advice on aging was good.

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