There are so many things my friends didn't tell me about getting old!! There
is an echo in my mind. My mom said, 
"You laugh at me now, but you'll get
old one day!" Of course, I thought she

was just old and wrong! Well, I've had 
to apologize to my elders! 

No Loud Music Warning Tin Metal Steel Sign 12x18

I laughed when she said, "Turn that music down!"She wasn't satisfied until the music was so low, I doubt my dog  hear it! Now, I abhor all loud music! It seems that average music volume is piercing and irritating.  I even have to cut my own music down in the car sometimes. I admitted to mom that now I understand about the music. 

I used to laugh at my aunt  who had
cotton in her ears on cold and windy 
days. I would tell her, "Please take that cotton out of your ears!"I thought she
was acting "county hick".  I apologized
to her because now I see why she used the cotton.I found out the hard way about cold or windy weather.  I got a terrible sinus headache because the cold air and
wind went in my ears.  

I wouldn't dare use cotton in my ears 
as a remedy. I bought some cute ski ear warmer headbands to wear on cold or windy days. I have to save my fashion savvy reputation!


I thought that getting dressed would be a breeze now that I am retired. I recalled when I multi-tasked with dressing my kids, fixing their breakfast, and  putting on makeup before going to work.  I couldn't multi-task now if you paid me.The old trick, walking, rubbing your head, and chewing gum at the same time would be an ordeal for me. As a matter of fact,
it takes me longer to get ready to go shopping or to go to church now.  I have so many things to check on. I discovered
that I make a mess if I rush. My blouse make be on wrong or I may leave stove on.  I understand now why I must put keys, remote, and cell phone in  the same place
everyday.  I smile now, when I see seniors with a shopping car at checkout with only one item in the cart.

I've seen some older men with huge ears and an affinity for suspenders and plaid and striped clothes. I don't feel sorry for the men any more. My senior lady friends and I, have our own aging issues! I've noticed too many older women with moustaches and creepy skin. I had to come to terms with aging this year. It

takes time to cover up and enhance
aging body parts!  I didn't seem to notice things "going south" until I reached my 60th birthday. I guess I was in denial.

My aging has left me with  unforseen
health problems.  I develop a new allergy  monthly. I was heartbroken when I recently became allergic to shrimp and hair color.
Hey, I declared I would color my hair until I turned 70! I'm 60 and my mom is 80. She has pretty grey hair but I was not ready to look like her grey haired sister! I have dyslexia now, so, I THANK GOD for spell check! Boy did I have a wake up call. There are a lot of things that happen to  aging bodies that's inevitable!!


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