The good Lord  blessed every woman with beautiful feature(s). The fashion conscience senior lady must know what her best feature(s)  is and keep it dressed up! She  knows what her skin tone is and whether she is warm or cool. A lady that knows what lipstick and make up shade works best for her skin tone has won the cosmetic battle. The method to find out what your skin tone is can get complicated. A lot of women may be both warm and cool no matter what race they are. There are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you
determine whether you are warm or cool. I would go to a professional make up artist if I really wanted to know whether I was warm or cool. 

 Warm vs. Cool Skin Tone; good to know

I'm too old fashioned to go through the skin 
tone maze.  I rub a little make up or lipstick 
on the back of my hand.  If it looks good I 
buy it. The rule of thumb on some fashion
sites is shades pink for fair to medium skin 
and  shades of red for olive to dark skin.

I like to blend my lipstick shades so they 
will compliment the color of my clothes.
I have medium shades of pink, red, orange,
and purple lipstick. I blend them with mocha
lipstick to get the shade that compliments my
outfit. I place the light shade on my lips first, 
then blend in the brown with a lip brush to get
my desired shade. I use lipstick for my blush
also. I wore the earth toned lipstick because it 
was in style. I decided that I wanted more color
on my lips. I have allergies so I do not use any
mascara or eye liner. A good brand of concealer 
under your eyes and on the problem areas on 
your face can make an older women's skin look 
good. I am not a make up geek but the days of wearing heavy looking make up are gone. I am 
retired now,so I purchase my lipstick from the drugstore. It is a lot cheaper than department
stores. I saw a show that said that the same
cosmetic company that make the lipstick and 
make up at the big name department stores 
make the lipstick and makeup carried by the drugstores.  


Please check out the website Mirror, Mirror on 
the Living Well Network. It has everything you 
want to know about make up. They even have makeup and fashion tips for older ladies too.




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