Friday, April 24, 2015


I wasn't aware of the Boho
Chic trend until I started 
following Pinterest. Some 
of the clothing in this trend
seemed very familiar to me.
I looked at some of my old 
pictures and realized I wore
some of these styles in the
70's. There really are no new
clothing styles! Designers mix
and match old style trends to
make new ones.  I have seen 
old clothing styles that were
just renamed. A lot of colors
from the 70's have also been
renamed. We older ladies do
recognize the originals!

I'm old enough to remember

when those Capri pants were
called pedal pushers and clam
diggers. Some girls wore hot 
pants during the 70's. They
were later renamed Daisy 
Dukes shorts in some areas.
I had on some hot pink shorts
and a lady said this color was
now calledfuchsia!

I like the Boho clothes because

they can be trendy no matter 
what the current style is.I can 
add tops or bottoms and update
my look. Those Boho chic skirts
and dresses are always a good 
choice to wear during  the hot
summer days.The fabric is light
weight and loose fitting. Some
of the tops look like tunics. 

These clothes can be wore by
ladies any age and size. I love
funky jewelry so, Boho jewelry
is on my wish list.

Here are some Boho clothing 

that I may buy this summer:



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