I was in the 5th grade in the 60's.  I  had a
"nutty professor"  for a teacher.  He was high 
strung and couldn't stand stress. He threw the chalkboard erasers at us when we misbehaved.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's a small 
world?"  I had an abscessed tooth and had to 
seek treatment from a dentist.I disliked going 
to the dentist because of my  pain tolerance.
My friend referred me to her dentist.  I noticed 
that the dentist had a family photo of him with
two guys.  He said that they were his brothers.
I thought I recognized one of the men. He said 
that one brothers was named Clyde and he used 
to teach. I told him where I grew up. I mentioned
that I had a 5th grade teacher named Clyde. We couldn't believe it!  He said, "What a small world!!"  
I asked him if Clyde was still teaching. He looked 
sad and replied, " No, he is dead!" I told him that
I was sorry to hear that. My shot was about to kick
in when he said that Clyde had committed suicide!  
I didn't know what to say.  He said that his brother had struggled with depression and other emotional issues for years. I could not tell him that I had seen
evidence of his emotional issues. 

By the way, I have discovered that sensitive 
toothpaste could buy me some time if  I did
not have time to go to the dentist. I began
to have sensitive teeth from using too much
teeth whitener.  I happened to have some of 
this toothpaste on hand when I had a mild
toothache due to a small cavity. My pain 
stopped after I finished brushing my teeth 
with this toothpaste. I thought it might be
a coincidence but kept brushing my teeth
daily with the  toothpaste. The pain went 
away and never returned.

Please forgive me, I digressed off the subject.
Here are some interesting events that happened
in the 60's:

First Televised Presidential Debates
Lasers Invented 
Sit-In at Woolworth's in Greensboro, NC 
Birth Control Pill Is Approved by the FDA 
Bay of Pigs Invasion 
Berlin Wall Built
Peace Corps Founded 
Soviet's Launch  First Man in Space
First James Bond Movie 
First Wal-Mart Opens 
Johnny Carson Takes Over the Tonight Show
Marilyn Monroe Found Dead
First Dr. Who Episode Airs
First Woman in Space 
JFK Assassinated 
March on Washington
Martin Luther King Jr. Makes His "I Have a Dream" Speech
Medgar Evers Is Murdered 
The Beatles become popular in   America
Muhammad Ali is World  Heavy Weight Champion
Civil Rights Act Passes in U.S.  
Nelson Mandela Sentenced to Life in Prison
Warren Report on JFK's Assassination Issued 
Malcolm X Assassinated  
Miniskirt First Appears 
U. S. sends troops to Vietnam
Black Panther Party Established
First Kwanzaa Celebrated 
First Heart Transplant
First Super Bowl
Thurgood Marshall Becomes the First African-American U.S. Supreme Court Justice 
Martin Luther King Assassinated
Robert Kennedy Assassinated
Manson Family Murders 
Neil Armstrong is the First Man to Walk on the Moon
Sesame Street First Airs
Yasser Arafat Becomes Leader of the PLO


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