I attend a Senior Center for Active Adults 
every week.  This place is for adults over
the  age  of 50. A few of the classes are 
Gardening, Art, Bingo, Chorus,Mahjong, 
Zumba, Drumming,  Bene and Yoga.  A
Movie Night and Sightseeing Tours are 
also offered.  

Some seniors walk with a cane or walker 
but they still be active.  They participate 
in board games and low impact activities. 
I enjoy the games of  Bingo because the 
winner gets flowers.A local florist agreed
to donate all of their unsold fresh flowers. 
I always come home with flower bouquet
of roses, calla lilies, and daisies.  We get
orchids, pineapple trees, and a variety of
potted herbs sometimes. 

There are about 20 men and 50 women 
that play Bingo every week. Most of the
women at my table are widows.I am the 
youngest lady.A few of the ladies like to
flirt with the men and have male friends.

The ladies do not like the term boyfriend.
They feel that the young people have boy
friends and girlfriends.  Seniors just have
 “ a friend”.  The other ladies say they are 
content without “a friend". They can live 
like they want, clean up only if they feel
like it, and  don't cook a lot anymore.The
ladies state that they babysit sometimes
with grandchildren but refuse be used as
a full-time sitter.  I met a few ladies that
feel that they were blessed with a great
husband once and he can’t be replaced. 
They are content without a mate.

All the ladies warned me about dating senior
men.There are questions I need to ANSWER:

1.     Is he looking for a maid & cook?

2.     Is he looking for a permanent place to live?

3.     Is he chronically ill and wants a caretaker?

4.     Is he looking for a free taxi driver?

5.     Is he thrifty or just CHEAP?

6.     Is he still trying to be a “Player” or a “Stud”?

These women sure make the dating scene dark and gloomy.My aunt told me what to do when I’m ready
to start dating again. I should pray for a mate and
tell the Lord the desires of your heart. Let HIM know what you are looking for- be specific!This worked for her! I’m following her advice. Some ladies go to the
Internet looking for love.I trust the LORD and he is
able to desern a person's true character.I believe He can pick a mate better than:

I believe that some of these men are good at this game.They know what the right answers are.They know how to market their profile. I would not want
to go on a date with a closet Hannibal Lecter.


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