Friday, May 9, 2014


My cousin lost her mother on 3/12/14 and 
the family went ahead and celebrated her 
97th birthday on  April 15, 2014.  I talked
with her yesterday  and she is not looking 
forward to Mother's Day. I told her Auntie
can celebrate Mother's Day with Jesus this 
year. She did say that my statement made
her feel a little better. I  reminded her that
her mother was bedridden and disoriented
the last week of  her life.  We  do miss  her 
terribly but, her body and mind are back in
perfect order in heaven with Jesus.

I am displaying different  "In Memory of Mom"

poems, quotes, and artwork for those persons 
who have lost their mom and want to do some 
type of memorial for their beautiful mom.

I pray God's Peace is present on Mother's Day.

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