Friday, May 2, 2014



Every month there seems to be a trend for
a new hair oil.   A few years ago, the hype 
was jojoba oil. I saw a lot of press last year
for Moroccan argan oil. I have seen a lot of 
uses for coconut oil on YouTube lately.They
are all good for adding strength, moisture 
and shine to your hair.

There was coconut oil in the hair products
I used when I was a teenager.  I found out
it  wasn' t a good idea to use coconut oil if
I was outside a lot in the summer. I had to
swat a lot of bees. I was already a walking
mosquito magnet.  I did not need the new
harassment from bees too.There are some 
uses for coconut oil that I wasn't aware of.
I am giving coconut a new look.


I checked out a book from the library on organic beauty. Organic coconut oil was used to remove remove mascara and eye shadow.  There were
multiple uses for it on YouTube.

Some tricks and tips  for coconut oil  included:

Use  it to soften your cuticles.

Rub a little in your hair to tame frizz and add shine.

Use to repair, moisturize, and strengthen damaged hair. 

Use as a hot oil and deep conditioning  treatment 
for hair. Rinse out thoroughly.

Reliever of dandruff on dry flaky scalp.
Conditioner for eyelashes.

Body oil to moisturize your hands, arms and 
legs daily.

Softener for feet from heel to toe.Make a foot 
scrub using mixture of sugar and coconut oil. 
Store it in a sealed jar. It was suggested you 
use a spoon or scoop to avoid contamination. 
I tried the scrub but I used it in my foot bath. 
I wanted to avoid the danger of slipping and
falling in my tub or shower.

I going to try some of these tips and tricks this

month. I'll report back my results later. Enjoy!!

Check out these coconut inspired nail designs:


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